General Questions

Netcrypts is a decentralized hybrid platform dedicated to security token platform ecosystem. Utilizing bitcoin exchange technology, Netcrypts platform provides a marketplace allowing issuers worldwide to present their assets on the platform to raise funds effectively. Also, the platform will allow investors to buy/sell asset backed holdings without a lock-in period along with high return compare to traditional investments. With the funds raise during the ICO, Netcrypts has launched netcryptsbase ecosystem: (Netcrypts Reserve, Netcrypts Invest, Netcrypts Exchange) which utilized bitcoin exchange rules in varies of different ways to enhance Bitcoin value and usage.
Bitcoin is a Peer to Peer, Open Source, Decentralized currency. It has a limited supply of 21 million bitcoins ever to be in existence and it is divisible down to 8 decimal places. It’s decentralization means it is not controlled or owned by any individual, company, organization or government. Bitcoin relies on strong cryptography to protect users funds and is pseudo anonymous by nature. Bitcoin can be sent anywhere in the world, instantly and enables efficient cross border trade with low to no fees (the Bitcoin network has an option 0.0001 BTC fee) with very low barrier to entry- anyone can use it. Bitcoin is changing money the same way the internet changed data. Anyone in the world can send money, a store of value, to anyone else in the world without any entities permission other than yourself. The protocol is open for all to verify and contribute to or to build new innovative applications on top of.
Netcrypts Exchange is a trading platform which enable investors to sell or purchase additional shares on bitcoin. which has been funded on Netcrypts Invest platform. Investors will be able to view investment, detail performance, credit ratings and reviews.
When you make deposit, all that is needed is your proof of payment which has to be uploaded from your dashboard after you have registered, your deposit request is approved in less that 4hours the deposit has been seen and acknowledged by the Netcrypts accounts payable team. When you initiate a withdrawal request, it is approved in less than 24 hours and paid in that same day. Withdrawals has never been so easy, but yes, we have done it.

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