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Over 20 Mining datacenters spread around the world in order to deliver quality services and value for your moneyOver 20 Mining datacenters spread around the world in order to deliver quality

World-class OTC desk trading, mining and asset consultancy

All-in-one just for you, when trading and mining meets top-class service, financiers, machines, bots and professional, all poised at giving you value for your investment

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Services - Netcrypts cloud trading and mining service

Powerful platform for institutional and active traders to securely buy and sell bitcoin. Our traders in the US and around the world enjoy deep liquidity, low fees and robust API services. Boutique service specializing in large bitcoin trades starting over 25 bitcoins. Our OTC desk offers a deep orderbook, personalized trading support and competitive pricing. Protect and secure your crypto assets under a regulated New York State Trust Company with Netcrypt’s Custody Services.





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Daily 100% for 3 times

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Hourly 180% for 100 times

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Monthly 200% for 1 times

Monthly Return

for 1 times

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about - Netcrypts cloud trading and mining service

Since launching in 2013, the Netcrypt’s team has strived to push the boundaries of sophistication in bitcoin trading. In May 2015, we obtained a trust company charter and opened a regulated bitcoin exchange in the U.S. Today, we stand as one of the companies in the cryptocurrency space that offers bitcoin traders access to both a global exchange and Mining services. With our strong global presence, our company carries a long history of trusted relationships with both U.S. and global customers. At Netcrypts, we are committed to offering a premium trading experience, personalized customer support, and the best-in-class security.

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Name Date Currency Amount
Alexandria Townsend Jul 01,2019 USD $85638
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Preston Rahn May 15,2019 USD $486
Joan Cuadrat Martin May 03,2019 USD $73
Farrukh Hoda Apr 24,2019 USD $501
Peter Morgan Apr 20,2019 USD $750

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Richard Letwaba Aug 03,2019 USD $1780
Alexandria Townsend Jul 01,2019 USD $75565
Christabel May 30,2019 USD $700
Christabel May 27,2019 USD $600
Christabel May 24,2019 USD $600
Cindy Saenz May 20,2019 USD $440

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